Earth System Model output is usually in a raw format which is not easy to handle for both software and humans. Climate data to be published within CMIP, however, must meet a quality standard which allows a systematic analysis of the data across models and experiments. In order to achieve such high quality, raw output needs to be post-processed from calculating diagnostics to standardization. We developed a Post-processing infrastructure which supports data creators with this data preparation.

Each CMIP phase and CMIP-like data projects (CMIP6, CMIP5, CORDEX, MPI-GE) define customized data standards which include requirements for the data to be published under their name. While these standards usually share the data requirement of being in the netCDF format and compliant to the netCDF convention, individual Controlled Vocabularies (CV) define project dependend mandatory global attributes and specifications for those. We provide support for different quality checker which are used to ensure conformity to these requirements.

Before all primary publication, we perform quality checks to ensure flawless simulations, data processing and a high quality data base.