Find and access#

The Data pool can be accessed from different portals. DKRZ CDP is hosted on the DKRZ in-house file system which is connected to levante.

  • Directly on the file system

    The fastest access to the data is working directly on the file system. Any levante user with a current account has permission to do that. If you plan to work on levante and do not have an account yet, please follow these instructions.

    Working on the file system is possible with command line tools. You can use your favorite UNIX-shell environment and connect to levante with ssh -X k?????? From that point, you have different options:

    • Browsing with shell commands

      ls /pool/data

    • Using the CMIP-ESMvaltool.
      1. Load the required software module load clint freva

      2. Start freva freva --databrowser --help

  • From remote via http:

    • Via DDC:

      DKRZ provides support for IPCC authors by making the DKRZ CDP and the in-house technical infrastructure available in the framework of the DDC support activity, a collaboration between IPCC DDC and the IPCC Working Groups. The contribution of the IPCC DDC at DKRZ consists of the Reference Data Archive for the IPCC Assessment Reports (Part 1) and the provision of a Virtual Workspace in support of the IPCC AR6 authors.

    • ESGF:

      Use the DKRZ ESGF portal.

    • FREVA:

      If you have a DKRZ account, you can use the Freva Portal portal.

Or you could use Catalogs. See: